Wedding Series – Personal Wedding Website

Personal wedding website offers rich source of information about the bride/groom and their thoughts about marriage. Internet has made wedding plan much simpler for twenty first century couples.

Personal wedding website not only contains pre-wedding details, but also has minute elaboration of wedding ceremony along with marriage images.

Couples can disseminate a lot of information using personal wedding website. With this, they eliminate the endless information requests, which typically occur as wedding date approaches.


Personal websites are the best way for friends and family to access information on wedding events. Most wedding websites allow people to RSVP online.

More than 85 percent of RSVPs come through email. Another benefit of personal websites is that users can easily print bios and pictures so that they can save them. Few sites permit couples to update photos from honeymoon and wedding as time passes.

The major advantage of wedding website is that it allows couples to have a link to their online registry. With this, guests can check what the couple selected and accordingly contribute without leaving home. In short, couples receive only those gifts which they would like to have in their new home.

Why A Personal Website

Some wedding websites also contain other details such as marriage quiz or poll countdown. Others have special pages for out-of-town guests.

Personal wedding allows couples to offer guests with all forms of information about popular areas to visit along with suggested accommodations, shopping destinations and restaurants.

Some sites provide great links to travel destinations, hotels and other stuff. The greatest thing of all is that the couple can involve everyone in festivities, even those unable to attend the event.

Website allows everyone to be a part of the special day, especially guests who stay far away and couldn’t attend the ceremony on schedule.