How To Decide On A Wedding Website Provider

1) Budget

There are wedding website services that range from $0-$1,000+. So whatever your budget is, there is a wedding website service to provide the solution.

Setting your budget is the first step. For the majority of couples, a free or cheap wedding website is the ideal solution for them. A template and “cookie-cutter” website will work for them. Other couples may want more of a custom solution, where a website designer creates a one-of-a-kind wedding website based on their wedding theme and personal requests. By setting your budget first, you can weed out the wedding website service providers that just are not what you had in mind.

2) Features

You name it, you can have it:

wedding countdown,

photo gallery,

custom theme,

flash intro,

guest book,

password protected area,




custom domain name,

poll, and quizzes

the possibilities are endless.

By narrowing down what you want, need, and can afford – it will help you decide on a wedding website. For those couples who just want the basic pages, many times you can find a free solution. For couples wanting a more ‘feature-packed’ solution, it may cost you a little more $$$. This factor ties hand in hand with factor 1 – the budget.

3) Period of Time

If you plan on keeping your website for months or years, that is your choice. Some couples may want to convert their wedding website into a wedding memory website where guests can share their personal memories and photos from the wedding. Other couples may just want the wedding details on the website until the day of the wedding. This is a factor you will have to consider when choosing a wedding service provider. Most companies offer different options and packages for you to choose from that are dependent on the length of time your wedding website will be live.

There are many great wedding websites out there, these tips will help you decide which one is the right one for you.

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