Are You In Love With The Environment? Wedding Websites Help to Go Green

In the age of technology, there are many free wedding websites to help happy couples stay on task. But even more than the organizational aspect, the reduction in paper can help to save the planet in a few easy steps. Here are five ways that a wedding planning website can help couples go green:

1. Wedding Announcement: Couples spend extra money, time and of course envelopes and cards in order to spread the word of their engagement. Creating a page to inform that you are in fact betrothed nixes the need for unnecessary paper. Passwords are utilized to maintain confidentiality.

2. Invitations: A wedding invitation envelope is usually jam-packed with anywhere from two to ten pieces of paper. People want to include all the necessary information so guests know the meal choices, accommodations and of course the date and time of the ceremony and reception. Outer envelopes, inner envelopes and direction cards use up a lot of trees when sending to multiple people.

3. Trackers and Checklists: Many couples have a wedding notebook they use to keep track of information for the planning and gifts. Also, most sites will keep you on task by offering a time-line, so post-it notes need not apply here. There is no need for that extra paper with the convenience of wedding website tracking.

4. Pictures: Just like the announcements, people can go to the site to view all of the wedding photos in one convenient location. Uploading takes a minimal amount of time these days and can save on printing copies for everyone who attended.

5. Thank You Notes: Sure there is something to be said for the personal touch of a thank you card. But most wedding websites offer templates to jazz up each person’s note. They will appreciate the sentiment of an online thank you card without couples having to use more paper and envelopes.

With all these ways to cut out the paper and the added convenience to boot, isn’t it about time to start looking into putting all your wedding info on a website? This will be an activity you can share with your partner. Wedding websites are much more like creating wedding scrapbooks back then. Only this time, wedding scrapbook has a new modern twist it. And the best part is that you’ll be sharing the experience not only to those who can physically hold the “book” but for each and everyone who would key in your website’s address. This is so much fun!